Programme Description

Annually, the Canon Foundation in Europe grants up to 15 Fellowships to highly qualified European and Japanese researchers. European Fellows are expected to pursue a period of research in Japan whereas Japanese Fellows are expected to do their research in Europe. The Canon Foundation supports all fields of research.

Target Group

European and Japanese researchers

Academic Requirements

Applicants should have obtained at least a Master's degree within the last ten years.

Number of Scholarships

up to 15 annually


minimum period of three months up to maximum of one year

Scholarship Value

Canon Fellows from Europe are free to choose their host institutes and hosts in Japan. The same freedom is given to Japanese Canon Fellows coming to Europe. The financial support for Research Fellows ranges from 22,500 Euro to 27,500 Euro per year and pro-rata for different periods.

Application Papers

You will find all application forms and further information on the application procedure here.

Application Deadline

The annual application deadline is September 15.

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